Little things

September 29, 2021

When we think about the a prepared (prepper) mindset the thought immediately runs to extremes. Natural disasters, war, economic collapse, and pandemics. This list seems like it gets longer everyday. Adding layers of rioting, civil unrest whatever you prefer to call it. 


There things that can be over looked along the way. Things that can help prevent major issues. 

Many of us probably have a firearm or some other sort of weapon in our bedroom, or near our beds. Having the Gucci Glock loaded with awesome defense rounds. Is solid but beyond dreaming about those nods go with it.  How many of us can say they have a fire extinguisher in their bedroom?


Looking at the numbers for 2019 there were 481,560 structure fires that resulted in 2,980 deaths. According to the NFPA. Now that number is much smaller than the over one million burglaries committed the same year. So yeah it might be more probable that your dealing with a crackhead rather than a house fire. You to be prepared just the same. Lets not forget that arson seems to be a big player in some of these riot events. 


Having fire extinguishers available in multiple locations in your home. Is a great addition to smoke detectors, and having a escape plan prepared and rehearsed with your family members. 


Fire Extinguisher types 


A for typical fires such as wood paper and clothing


B for use on flammable liquids such as grease, oil, and gasoline 


C for electrical fires 


D not typical for around the house made for burning metals. 


K Oil and animal fat fires. 



Most extinguishers sold are multipurpose and cover A,B, and C just make sure you look at the label when purchasing. 


Along with rehearsing escape plans and meeting points with your family members, make sure they know where extinguishers are located and how to use them.